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South East Asia FSS

Isaac Tan



Approved Controllers

Anastasios Petros Stefopoulos


Eugene Lee


Lester Lee


Isaac Tan


Hoo Jiong Sheng


Jonathan Seet


Tony Koskinen


Vu Viet Phuong


Bailey Brown


Hongye Zhang (Rudi)


Anthony Aslam


Chriss Klosowski


Solo Validated Controllers


We are a team who takes our job seriously with dedication and commitment. Do read the information below to find out more about our extensive coverage.

Covered FIRs FL245-Unlimited


  • Yangon | VYYY

  • Bangkok | VTBB

  • Ho Chi Minh | VVHM

  • Hanoi | VVHN

  • Phnom Penh | VDPP

  • Vientiane | VLVT

  • Hong Kong | VHHK

  • Manila | RPHI

  • Ujung Pandang | WAAF

  • Jakarta | WIIF

  • Singapore | WSJC

  • Kuala Lumpur | WMFC

  • Kota Kinabalu | WBFC



Southeast Asia FSS has multiple airways with Flight Level Allocation Scheme (FLAS) to facilitate procedural control. Although our facility covers the area with full radar coverage with RVSM separation, please do check the document and plan the appropriate flight level to avoid potential conflicts.

FSS Controller Requirements

Updated 8 June 2022

1. Minimum rating of Controller (C1) is required.


2. Divisional Controllers must attain a minimum of 150 hours on a single CTR facility in one of our active vACCs in VATSEA. The hours        must be gained with a C1 rating or higher.


     Recognized Facilities
     a. Singapore [WSJC_CTR]
     b. Malaysia [WMFC_CTR]
     c. Thailand [VTBB_CTR] **Temporarily not eligible due to vACC status
     d. Indonesia [WIIF_CTR]
     e. Philippines [RPHI_CTR]
     f. Vietnam [VVHM_CTR]

     g. Hong Kong [HKG_CTR]


- VYYF, WBFC, WAAF, VVVV, VDPP & VLVT FIRs are not included in the list due to the inadequacy of traffic for evaluation.

- Applicants cannot combine 2 FIR hours from any of the listed FIRs.

3. Visiting Controllers may apply for ASEA FSS if they are an Active Controller in any other FSS Departments without the requirement          for section 2. These members must have completed at least 50 hours on a single FSS to ensure adequate experience.


4. An evaluation will be done to ensure that you are up to standard in managing all traffic in our airspace without external assistance.

    Only then can your ASEA controller endorsement be approved.


Note: ASEA sector files are only available for EuroScope. Applicants are expected to be proficient with the controller client.


If you meet these requirements, drop an email to

Kindly note that ASEA_FSS intake is suspended until further notice due to backlog of applicants.

Weather Information

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