Meet the Team

VATSEA Directors

dih-rek-ter |  a person or thing that directs.

Eugene Lee

Division Director | VATSEA1

Eugene is a veteran in VATSEA having over a decade of experience on the VATSIM Network. Serving as the VATSEA Divisional Director for the past five years, our vACCs has seen advancements to form our ever expanding and diverse division.

Isaac Tan

Deputy Division Director | VATSEA2

Joining the VATSIM Network in 2013, his experience ranges from planning major events as well overseeing day to day operations in VATSEA.

Hoo Jiong Sheng

Training Director | VATSEA3

Jiong Sheng has held various teaching and mentoring roles in real life and on VATSIM, and has been involved with training within multiple vACCs. With over 4000 hours logged as a pilot and a controller, his experience is second to none. 

Isaac Tan

Southeast Asia FSS Director | VATSEA6

Angelo Lee

Events & Public Relations Director | VATSEA8

Angelo has been part of the VATSEA division in the last two years. Spending numerous hours on the network, both controlling and flying, helping the division grow and engaging the community have always been his goals

Ng Wee Kiat

Webmaster | VATSEA10

Wee Kiat joined the VATSIM network as a pilot and ventured into controlling. Looking to contribute back to the community, Wee Kiat has stepped up to help the division grow in different areas.

Wildan Gunawan

Web Development | VATSEA11

Our trusty HQ developer